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"Please send me another Inspired Dating. I keep giving mine away to friends and I don't want to be without one on my nightstand, even for one night. Thanks." H.

 "I can barely believe how consistently powerful and beautiful and strong your writing is...and yet somehow still deeply sensitive. I know you are not writing it just for me, but that is how it feels. Maybe that is a mark of a great writer... Thank you" L.

Your heart is important. Inspired Dating will help you to bring all the love in your heart into the world.

We will focus on who you are,  the best of you, and what it is you wish for yourself when you allow yourself to dream with abandon. We will focus on your strengths, the fun of the dating process, the strengths of the wonderful men you date, and the strengths of  the one you choose to love.

Love, romance, and intimacy are high profile subjects. This high profile does not bring, however, a deep understanding of these most important issues. This brilliantly written book considers these issues and much, much more of vital importance to single women.

All around us, in the spheres of romance and love, we see confusion, guessing, dissipation, misunderstanding, and heartache. Divorce statistics and frustrated singles make this clear. The Center for Disease Control reports that 43% of first marriages end in separation or divorce within 15 years.

It never starts off like that. It starts in bliss and happiness and hope. Inspired Dating - What Every Woman Needs to Know will help correct well-intentioned yet defeating choices in dating, friendship, love and romance. It will help you to increase the enjoyment, fun, and growth in the dating process and, when the time is right, to choose well the one you will love romantically forever.

Here is practical down to earth advice  that can help you shape your single years and carry your heart to its goal. This book is for all ladies, young and mature, who wish to have a higher level of life in true, honest, and lasting romantic love.

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