Outreach to Educators

To: Educators and Counsellors
From: Hartley Bishop

A sound education is the basis for a good life in which people are able to set standards for themselves, define life goals and achieve dreams.

Pervasive confusion about the nature of self esteem and relationships between the sexes, divorce statistics, teen pregnancies, stds, all indicate that we must put our shoulders to these most important issues and work to improve the lot of our young and mature single women.

The book, Inspired Dating: What Every Woman Needs to Know is dedicated to the welfare of women and the people they love throughout their lives.

It is new and unique, and yet not fadish, and draws upon the wisdom and intelligence of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thoreau, Abraham Maslow and other thinkers and uplifters of human vision.

Please browse the Inspired Dating website. Many pages of the book are provided for your perusal on the “About the Book” page.

I invite you to help me bring the valuable information provided in Inspired Dating: What Every Woman Needs to Know to every woman, young and mature.

You will know best from your vantage point of delivering knowledge to students in your area how this information may best be presented. Here are some ideas:

Hartley Bishop is available as expert and author to contribute to the local newspapers or newsletters of your following organizations::

Teacher’s Associations
Women’s Clubs
Guidance Counselors

Hartley Bishop can also serve as speaker or panelist on teleconferences with these organizations.

Read the complimentary “About the Book” pages. Order the book and please e-mail me at che@lisco.com with your ideas and thoughts.

Thank you for your time and attention to this most important subject.


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