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“I am so happy to read every word, every idea, every inference of everything you have to say; I'm at the point where you request that the book be put down for 24 hours...how exciting, thoughtful, wonderful! I feel so blessed to have found this book.

Looking forward to receiving the other copy, because it is a gift for someone!

Have a beautiful day.”


"Dear Hartley,

My Love has proposed to me. I have said YES! I am so happy...

He is the most wonderful man I have ever met. He has so much integrity and strength. We are so happy and everything is so easy and harmonious. Thank you for helping to believe in love...You are the one who kept my hopes up. How can I ever thank you?

We will be married in a romantic village church on an island where we both have grown up.(We only met last year!) The festival afterwards will be in an old King's castle from 1100, in the countryside next to the ocean.

We are going to invite you and your husband for the wedding as soon as we have the date.”

A Happy Girl in Denmark



“I loved your book Inspired Dating. I have recommended it to several of my patients who are ready to start dating again.

I loved the High Abstracts and The Best of You lists and fine tuning what I wanted in a partner. I feel I have met the man who fulfills them. Thank you for helping me clarify what I really wanted.

I enjoyed the 7 principles, especially #5, Perceive the Illusion of Unity and True Unity. Very powerful thoughts and I see it happening frequently with my patients. Thank you for such well stated advice.”

Mary B. Seger. NP, PhD, Author of Invite Joy Into Your Life



“As a long term psychotherapist...I have found your book so well written, thoughtful and provocative. I also write for a column in our local paper for women's issues and I must say you address them right where it counts. I have referred many of my clients and friends to your book.

Thank you so much for modeling that real intimacy, deep connections and the dream is possible.”

“Thank you so much for your kind, thoughtful, and thorough response and ideas. I'm going to be implementing them right away. I really appreciate it.”

Kim Hodges



“I received this week...a newsletter which reflected a write-in question with your answer. I read your answer over and over and once again your words fell on me like manna from heaven; I forwarded it to one of my best friends...”



“With your approach and the thoughts and ideas you share, I am confident that my love life will unfold to my benefit.”



“I made a commitment to myself... I would wait for the love that God has planned for me and that I'm doing just that... How beautiful the waiting is with Inspired Dating in my lap.

Thank you again.”



"Your book is W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L! My daughter is visiting with me and she wants my copy! (I should have bought her one initially...) So, I must order another one. It is beautifully written and your words are constructed so delicately so as to protect all parties involved in these wonderful things we call "relationships"... I like that and I look forward to thoroughly completing the book.”

Thank you sooo much.”



“After reading a couple of chapters the night I purchased the book, I went back to the book sale to buy two more for gifts, but they were sold out. So, I went online and purchased two more books for my friends.”



“My daughter came... to visit me and she picked up my book and can't seem to put it down. So alas, I have lost my book to her! Now I remain bookless and need to order another book for myself on your website. How precious and wonderful the thoughts are that you convey in your book, especially saying early on that your book is written for all ages!

Thank you so much.”




“I was attracted to the quality of the image shown (in the ad) and the graphics. I also had a good feeling about the genuineness of the “vibe” of the writing sample that I read on the website...I have really enjoyed the book very much and am looking forward to implementing the ideas into my life.




“Please send me another Inspired Dating. I keep giving mine away to friends and I don’t want to be without one on my nightstand, even for one night.”




“Not only did I buy the book for myself, but one for my daughter and a single woman I know. Many, many thanks for your wonderful and inspiring words”




“I have read all of them (the newsletters)...they have all been wonderful. Thanks for really caring about your client.”




“Great Book!”




"Thanks so much!!”




“I loved the book. Thanks.”




“The book is wonderful, warm, wise, insightful. I am enjoying it so much! The wisdom it contains is already impacting my life, my way of be-ing, how I relate to people, and that is family, friends and clients and strangers. I have yet to begin dating, but when I do, I will have a great deal more confidence, control, and ability to just enjoy people for who they are.

I hope that one day I can inspire my daughter to read the book. I think EVERY woman and girl should read it.”




“I can barely believe how consistently powerful and beautiful and strong your writing is... and yet somehow still deeply sensitive. I know you are not just writing it for me, but that is how it feels. Maybe that is a mark of a great writer, being able to connect with the audience so well.”




“I learned so much from reading Inspired Dating and drank it in on a deep and grateful level. I am slowly integrating your advice and perspective on dating and men into my life. I really appreciate your taking the time to share all that you have learned. It gives me an anchor to continue on!”




“Wonderful book...sharing it with friends”




“I’m a single mom and I ordered it for my 21 year old daughter, actually, but read it over first and really enjoyed it... Thanks.”




“Thanks for caring.”




“I bought the book for my 19 year old daughter- but read it first, before passing it on to her. I hope she’ll learn some good lessons from it- as I thought there were some.”

J. a dad



"...I have been impressed as well as motivated by Hartley Bishop’s creative intelligence and her insight into people...she is an open-minded, non-judgmental and attentive listener who only offers considered opinions. Her resourcefulness and creativity in shaping working solutions is simply inspirational."

D.S., New York

"....Hartley possesses a high degree of creativity and originality and has excellent insight into matters that may elude others. She has a clear, discriminating intellect which is comfortable with both abstract ideas as well as the concrete practical..."

M.K., Connecticut

"In my experience with Hartley Bishop, I was always impressed with her savvy about people and her vision about how to produce the right result. Along with...her harmonious nature there are always intriguing words of significant wisdom and insight.”

D., Iowa



"Inspired Dating is elegantly written, insightful, spiritual... like a friend speaking to you..."

L.H., Iowa


* Initials, names, or sometimes no attributions are noted in order to address the varying privacy wishes of clients and customers. Please let us know your wishes when you send us your input. Thank you, Hartley.


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